Dijous 23/09

Elinor Ostrom Day

Online Summit

Day: September 23rd

Time: 10:00 (NYC) / 15:00 (London) / 16:00 (Barcelona)

In 2009, Elinor Ostrom won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for her contributions to the governance of shared resources. Ostrom’s work showed the value of building multinational, multidisciplinary, and comparative research bridging the social and natural sciences and the complexity of institutions and governance systems. Her ideas on polycentric governance and shared collective action have played out around the world, from Maine lobster fisheries, to ancient waterways in Spain, to taxicabs in Nairobi.

The Elinor Ostrom Day will gather some of the most prominent scholars from universities, research centers and think tanks across borders to discuss her contributions to today´s most pressing challenges, including climate change, the housing crisis and urban governance.


10:00-10:05 (New York time) / 15:00-15:05 (London time) / 16:00-16:05 (Barcelona time) Opening Remarks. Martí Jiménez-Mausbach. Vice-President and Head of Research at The Ostrom Institute.

10:05-10:40 (New York time) / 15:05-15:40 (London time) / 16:05-16:40 (Barcelona time) Dialogue: In honor of Lin Ostrom. Revisiting the Bloomington School.
– Deirdre McCloskey. Distinguished Professor of Economics, History, English, and Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA).
– Peter Boettke. Professor of Economics and Philosophy at George Mason University (USA).

10:40-11:30 (New York time) / 15:40-16:30 (London time) / 16:40-17:30 (Barcelona time)
Panel: Polycentric Governance. Lessons from Covid.
– Nils Karlson. President and CEO of the Ratio Institute (Sweden).
– Bobbi Herzberg. Distinguished Senior Fellow, F. A. Hayek Program in Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University (USA).
– Simon Kaye. Senior Policy Researcher at New Local (UK).
– Chair: Eduardo Fernandez Luiña. Professor of Political Science at the Francisco Marroquín University and the Center for Public Decision Analysis (Spain and Guatemala).

11:30-11:45 (New York time) / 16:30-16:45 (London time) / 17:30-17:45 (Barcelona time)

11:45-12:45 (New York time) / 16:45-17:45 (London time) / 17:45-18:45 (Barcelona time)
Panel: Ostromian Climate Action. From the Tragedy of the Commons to the Opportunity of the Commons.
– Erik Nordman. Professor of Natural Resources Management at Grand Valley State University (USA).
– Nick Cowen. Senior Lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Lincoln (UK).
– Laura Albareda. Associate Professor School of Business and Management at Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland).
– Chair. Bryan Cheang. Assistant Director of the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society (CSGS) at King’s College London (UK).

12:45-13:45 (New York time) / 17:45-18:45 (London time) / 18:45-19:45 (Barcelona time)
Panel: Ostrom in the City. Housing, Policing and the Future of Urban Governance.
– Amineh Ghorbani. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology (Netherlands).
– John Myers. Co-founder of YIMBY Alliance and London YIMBY (UK).
– Nathan Goodman. Postdoctoral Fellow at the New York University (USA).
– Chair. Sanford Ikeda. Professor of Economics at Purchase College of the State University of New York (USA).

13:45-14:00 (New York time) / 18:45-19:00 (London time) / 19:45-20:00 (Barcelona time)
Closing Remarks. Scott Shackelford. Executive Director of the Ostrom Workshop Program at Indiana University (USA).

Please use the following link to join the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85379457783

Lloc/Place: Online summit
Adreça/Address: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85379457783
Dia/Day: Dijous 23/09
Hora/Time: 16:00

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