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The human team at the Ostrom Institute is without a doubt our most important asset and we must strive to preserve and strengthen it.

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The Ostrom Institute is a private, not-for-profit organisation with no political affiliation, whose funding comes from private individuals and institutions who share its objectives. We accept no grants or financial support from political parties or government agencies.

By self-limiting our sources of funding, we exhibit cohesiveness and a guarantee of our independence. We are obliged to seek the funding for our activities from people like you who consider freedom to be a prized asset. As such, we greatly appreciate the generous contributions we receive from our partners and indeed feel a great sense of responsibility as we carry out the objectives of this Institute.

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Membership requires a €20 semi-annual payment.

Benefits of membership

Some of the activities we do in Catalans Lliures

Debate "Catalonia should be liberal or socialist?"

Debate between the Institute and Poble Lliure organized by Nació Digital.

Conference by Johan Norberg

Presentation of the book Progress by Johan Norberg, senior fellow at the Cato Institute

Policy Lab at New Destinations Summit

Summit on Digital Economy, Smart Regulation and Sustainable Tourism in Igualada

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The Ostrom Premium Club offers an exclusive space for those members who are especially committed to leading and influencing the formation of an open, prosperous society of free individuals. It is a club where members can share interests, concerns, new professional opportunities and business ventures.

How to become an Ostrom Premium Club member?

Ostrom Premium Club members are those who donate over €1,000 annually.

Benefits of the Ostrom Premium Club membership