Eric Herrera - President

Entrepreneur and musician. Graduated in Management and Business Administration from IL3 - University of Barcelona and EAE Business School. He regularly collaborates with print and online publications.

Martí Jiménez - Vice President and Head of Research

He has international experience working in research, business development, and policy advice in Spain, Germany, and the USA. He has worked in the field of science diplomacy and has contributed to several publications, policy reports and working groups in the fields of technology transfer, innovation policy, digital regulation, higher education and institutional reform. He regularly collaborates with print and online publications. Martí graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Biomedical Sciences and completed a master’s degree on Drug Development Science at King’s College London with a mention in Pharmacoeconomics and Healthcare Marketplace.

Alexander Golovin - Head of Programmes

Head of the Political, Legal and Social Studies Section at Ateneu Barcelonès. History student at University of Barcelona. He regularly collaborates with print and online publications as well as radio programmes.

Toni Florido - Legal and Finance

Consultant. Security and Defence expert and President of the Catalan Friends of Israel Association (ACAI). Florido began his entrepreneurial career in his youth, founding several of his own businesses in addition to managing his family’s businesses. He founded L’Actualitat de Terrassa, the city’s first Catalan-language newspaper since the Civil War. He also co-authored the book, Política de Defensa i Estat Propi (Editorial Base).

Roger Medina - Research Fellow

He has worked in the field of consulting and data analysis and has authored and contributed to multiple publications and policy reports on the impact of institutions on economic growth, labor economy, taxation and market regulation. Roger graduated from the University of Barcelona with a mention in Advanced Quantitative Methods and completed a Master's in Competition and Market Regulation from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (BGSE). Economic analyst for the TV show "Més 324".

Xavier Quer - Head of Government Affairs

He has worked in the research fields of hospitality, the European Union and science diplomacy. He is a research assistant at the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics (ESADEgeo) and a Law and Global Governance student.

Pau Vila - Research Fellow

Engineering and Management student. Passionate about technology and its ethical, economic and social implications. Vila has been active in the IT consulting world. He’s now leading the digital transformation of a family business. His entrepreneurial drive led him to develop a start-up for which he was awarded a grant for software developers by Apple California.

Aleix Ràmia - Head of Press and Communications

Mathematics and Engineering student at the University of Barcelona and Economics student at the University of Catalonia. In 2015, he founded the online ski reservation platform, Skibeta. Ràmia works at a consulting firm in the field of Smart Cities and urban planning. He actively participates in debate and rhetoric as the Debate Competition Coordinator at the University of Barcelona. Fellow at the Freedom Week Program by the Adam Smith Institute and the Institute for Economic Affairs.

Clara Prunés - Head of Human Resources

Graduate in Political Science from the University of Barcelona. Currently, Prunés is studying a Master’s degree in Political Marketing at the Political Science Institute in Barcelona. She works at a consulting firm on the political analysis team. She specialises in political communication and image.

Guillem València - Head of Global Programs

Law student at Pompeu Fabra University. He has carried out research stays at the University of Bologna. He has worked in the fintech sector and in the area of legal advice. He collaborates with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Fellow of the Atlas Leadership Academy.

Jordi Oliver - Research fellow

Doctor in Environmental Sciences and extraordinary doctorate award from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). 2018-19 Corporate MBA student (ESADE). Partner and founder of a strategic eco-innovation study, author and researcher linked to the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB).

Albert Torelló - Research fellow

Graduate in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Barcelona. He is studying a master's degree in Genetics and Genomics at the same university. He has conducted research in the field of innovation policies and scientific diplomacy.