Mark Lutter: “Charter Cities, Building the Future of Governance”

Per Institut Ostrom

Despite the tremendous reduction in global poverty over the past 50 years, governments around the world still struggle to meet the challenges posed by demographic booms, poorly managed urbanization, institutional failure and ever-changing economic conditions. Mark discusses the potential for charter cities — new city developments granted a special jurisdiction and broad governing authority to make their economic environments more competitive — to jumpstart economic growth where previously it remained elusive.

Mark Lutter is the Founder and Executive Director of the Charter Cities Institute, nonprofit dedicated to creating the ecosystem for charter cities. ‍Prior to launching the Institute, he was Lead Economist for NeWAY Capital, an asset management firm which made early stage investments in charter cities. During graduate school, he consulted on several new city projects and special economic zones. He has a PhD in economics from George Mason University where his research focused on charter cities. He has been published in several newspapers and magazines including City Journal, CityAM, and Cato Unbound.